How people text

I remember in in elementary/middle school how cool it was to have AOL and AIM. Yahoo was also cool to for chatting with people. There was this funness to having a written language that your parents couldn’t understand, and keeping up with the lingo was very important. I feel that since texting and instant messaging have been big, we have once again moved back to using real words- much less “omg w/e stfu h8er”.

I feel that its because A)theres been plenty of time for people to riducule that kind of shorthand as sloppy and immature, and B) because so many more people have phones wilth full keyboards, so theres no excuse for typing like a middleschooler anymore (even if you do have a flip phone where you have to hit “6” four times for the letter “O”). But still, presumably at home you have access to a computer and inevitably have to type things throughout your modern life. Texting in silly internet shorthand is now more a style than a necessity for slow typers, and its used to portray a certain persona. It is part of your internet or cellphone identity; spelling is a fashion statement. One thing that hasen’t been deemed quite as passe is the use of emoticons. Even iphone 5’s and instant messaging platforms all have emojis that people still use with frequency. And not just with a sense of irony, so people sincerely mean ^_^ 😉 :-}


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