Finally, a popsicle for men


Thank you Chapmans sport lolly frozen hydration popsicles! At last, an ice-cream treat for men. This company has identified a lack of manly popsicle options for guys and has built themselves a spot in the market. This image itself is just a cellphone snap shot of the product, I cant imaging this is how chapman’s envisioned their product being promoted, but I am looking more at the packaging. Their truths are based on presumed male insecurities about buying an already available brand of popsicle (perhaps the others are too childish or girly?) and this company wants to offer (presumably) male athletes or men in general a more masculine option. They use a clean, simple design with the box being primarily black and blue. The product is shown, the title is present. They value simple, no fuss design and market themselves as sports hydration pop, so clearly they value efficiency. Also they sympathize with a consumer base that has a desire to seem tough, strong, and practical at all times. They are not just any frivolous popsicle.

I originally found this picture posted online with a title that went something like “Now men dont have to feel gay buying popsicles”, but that is silly. Basically all of Chapman’s icecreams are in a very plain, entry-level-graphic-designer box. Its just a small canadian icecream company. But its fun to propose all of these motives behind the choices they’ve made in their product design!


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