Nicki Minaj is Assertive

I’ve hardly heard Nicki Minaj referred to as a feminist, but after this interview there was a little bit of buzz on the internet about how she it pretty much the only female rapper in popular media today, and holding down the fort is hard. There is total inequality amoungs male and female rappers. She speaks about the injustices in her field  how her male counterparts at Young Money get the respect they deserve for the work that they do simply for being male and setting expectations from set producers, venues and the like. They walk out and people know the degree of professionalism they expect from the people they are working with. But because Ms. Minaj is often objectified and seen as a loud, cartoonishly sexy lady, people have the expectation that she doesn’t know what she is doing because of it. Even so, you have to give her credit for being the only competitor in her genre.


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