Identity Politics


Nikki S. Lee (born Lee Seung-Hee, 1970, Korea) in her Projects, in which she spent several weeks assimilating into a cultural group and has someone take her photo within the group.  Her identities in these projects traverses age, race, and social classes.

pictured here: The Ohio Project, The Stripper Project, The Lesbian Project, The Tourist Project, The Hispanic Project, The Hip Hop Project. (source: link)


This was an interesting project to me because it explores the sources of identity itself. You can visually identify what group a person identifies with just from a photo, how they dress, what type of behavior or activities they are engaging in, where they are from, but  there is always the unknown background story. Nikki S. Lee in her project has repeatedly taken on different social or cultural identities and it makes for interesting discussion. She uses american subcultures to show how much of a meltingpot it can be. It was almost like a blending of western and eastern senses of self. Is a persons truest self the self they publicly present? Obviously not, but that is what others have to base their opinions of you on. Where does the real you begin and the version you want the world to see en


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