What We Use the Internet For…


Someone once posed the question on an internet forum “If you where to go back in time and tell some something about modern society what would it be?”My favorite response to this question was “In the future, we will carry around a device which has access to all the knowledge of man and can communicate instantly with anyone on earth, but we will use the device to simply degrade one another and look at cute pictures of cats.”

After laughing out loud, I thought to myself how true that is. We really do have unfettered access to all the thoughts, creative works and factual knowledge that has existed so far in the history of mankind. And what do most of us do with it?

I grew up when AIM and MySpace were starting to be a big thing, but my house had 1 computer with dial-up to share between 5 other people. That equated to about an hour of computering/internetting a day. The younger generation lives on the internet. A place where they wage debates with each other over nothing in particular and use this vast information source as a way to support silly arguments or simply to troll. Sometimes I look at this generation as a generation overwhelmed by data and debate. Even kids as young as 2 have access to ipad and iphones, some even allowed to brows and select their own shows and games (every kid i’ve babysat for has some type of tablet, with varying restrictions placed on it). This creates a subculture of internet users who frequent different websites as well as what people take from the virtual world and bring to “real life”.


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